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American Eagle Concrete Services provides concrete cutting, core drilling, slab sawing, and concrete removal in Kissimmee
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Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling, Kissimmee FL
MWBE Concrete Cutting and Concrete Sawing in Kissimmee, FL
FDOT DBE Concrete Contractor in Kissimmee, FL
FDOT Concrete Cutters in Kissimmee, FL
Core drilling and concrete removal in Kissimmee
Concrete Slab sawing in Kissimmee
Concrete Wall Sawing and Selective Demolition in Kissimmee
Concrete Slab Sawing encompasses a broad scope of applications. The process utilizes diamond concrete blades on either a walk-behind saw for long linier concrete and asphalt cuts and expansion/control joints. On job sites where the work space is smaller and movement is restricted, slab sawing is often more practical when done with a handheld concrete saw. In any situation, flat sawing (as it is often referred to) allows fast, precise cuts through any aggregate and can be accomplished indoors with exhaust-free electrical equipment if needed. We’ve worked with a number contractors and builders in the Kissimmee vicinity to provide slab sawing in preparation for commercial plumbing overhauls, as well as concrete removal and demolition.
An extremely versatile method of creating clean pathways for plumbing, pipes, and electrical conduit is by way of Concrete Core Drilling. American Eagle Concrete Services teams up with commercial plumbers, HVAC companies, builders, and general contractors in Kissimmee on a regular basis, providing concrete core drilling and removal of virtually any depth and diameter. The process is a fast, clean, and efficient method of drilling circular holes in confined spaces. Coring can be done horizontally and vertically. We also have the capability to core with gas, hydraulic, and electric equipment!
American Eagle Concrete Services offers multiple additional services, including but not limited to wall sawing, concrete cutting for entry ways and windows, hand sawing, curb cutting, diamond concrete chain sawing for clean corners without overcuts, and concrete scanning! Call us for more information or to request an estimate, and thank you for choosing American Eagle Concrete Services for your concrete cutting and demolition needs.